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Technology: Find Your Personality Type

“When people differ, a knowledge of type lessens friction and eases strain. In addition it reveals the value of differences. No one has to be good at everything.” –Isabel Briggs Myers Are you an introvert or an extravert? You probably identify with one of the two, but do you know […]

Media Reviews: Doctor Who

Media Reviews: Doctor Who

    Rating: 8/10 Stars Recommended for: Science-fiction fans of most ages Rating: Doctor Who does not have an official rating, but the MPAA suggested rating is PG-13 for intense science-fiction violence, some disturbing images, and brief mild language. However, most episodes would simply earn a PG rating. Airs on: […]

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Finding a Formal Gown

Elegant occasions call for formal gowns, and who doesn’t love to dress up a bit? With so many styles, colors, and flourishes available, choosing just one may seem like a needle-in-a-haystack accomplishment. However, with the options below, the choice may seem a bit clearer. Choosing a Color- Choosing the color […]

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DIY: 5 Simple Halloween Decorations

Halloween–a time of candy, costumes, and decorations! Here are some simple, DIY crafts and décor ideas that you can easily do at home! 1. Halloween Paper Flowers Recommended for ages 8-12, 12+ (Younger children could help with stringing the paper quarters onto the wire, while older children can help with […]