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A Forgotten Poem

The snow falls No longer silent No longer peaceful Swirling flakes demanding our attention Blinding us Pushing us deeper within our hollow homes What once was white and pure is now spotted by the aftermath of its own destruction Bending beneath the weight of the burden they struggle to bear […]


Student Spotlight: Poems from a VPSA Student

Traveling the Globe by Elizabeth Russell, 9th Grade Austin, Texas   My fingers spin the globe, The whole world in front of me. One finger poised to stop it. Where will I land next?   There! I feel a mountain ridge, A long one, extending far. What huge peaks those […]


Student Spotlight: Poems from a VPSA Student

Opening A Book by Elizabeth Russell, 9th Grade, Austin, Texas.   A wonderful thing happens The instant I open a book. I am immersed in another world… Its trials, its struggles, its joys.   The country may be wide and wonderful Or harsh and lonely But I am glad to […]

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Here He Lies

                here he lies just born but older than the hills around nine months young, eternally old below the jewel-encrusted, starlit skies he opens his gentle baby godly eyes born to die his mother kisses the face of her child, the face of […]

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Student Spotlight: Gracious News

This month’s Student Spotlight reflects on scripture. Andrew uses the rhyming pattern of A-A-B-B; C-C-D-D; E-E-F-F, etc. to tell about the God’s good news from the glorious beginning to our hopeful end. Gracious News by Andrew Faggion Long ago, there was no sun, No birds no trees, not anyone, Just […]

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Creative Outlets: Meaning of Summer

What is summer? Summer is smiling under the warm sun. It’s eating cool Popsicles and drinking ice-cold lemonade. It’s hanging out with friends. It’s riding your bike, having picnics, and writing with sidewalk chalk. It’s snow cones and county fairs. It’s walking your dog with your siblings. It’s flashlight tag […]

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Student Spotlight: Princess in the Hands of a Gangsta Witch

This month’s Student Spotlight takes the classic fairy tale of Rapunzel to new lengths. Emma uses the rhyming pattern of A-A-B-B; C-C-D-D; E-E-F-F, etc. to tell–or rap–her story.  Thus providing a little comic relief for the end of the school year. Somebody drop a beat!   Princess in the Hands […]