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Creative Outlets: Fall Art

As we near Thanksgiving and enjoy the beautiful leaves and the warming weather, there are several things that come into our minds. What comes to your mind when you think of November and the season of fall? Several pictures from our fellow VPSA students are expressions of some things that might come to mind. I want to give a special thank you to Levi Law, Emily Kapuscak, and Elizabeth Russell for drawing these beautiful pictures and dedicating them for this article.

As fall comes around the corner, we begin to notice the splendid changes in nature. Leaves shed their boring colors and clothe themselves in bright and extraordinary colors. This picture below will surely remind you of the designer of our nature and the freedom we have in Him.

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This heart-warming piece was drawn by Levi Law, a senior at VPSA. This picture portrays the majesty of God that is everywhere in creation.  You can see more of his artwork at
Turkey is the one thing that definitely can’t be left out on Thanksgiving. With vibrant colors, this adorable picture brings out the merriment of Thanksgiving.


This lovely picture was drawn by Emily Kapuscak, a resident of Tennessee, and a sophomore at Veritas Press. This picture expresses the festive, autumnal colors of the season. It reminds people of the many cheerful laughs that they had together, and it enraptures the playful fun of the Thanksgiving holiday.
Acorns, grains, sunflowers, and colorful leaves all remind us the abundance of this time of the year. As we harvest and jump into piles of leaves, make sure to take the time to give thanks to God.

Fall y'all

This picture drawn by Elizabeth Russell , a sophomore at VPSA. This picture captures the lively colors of the season, as well as celebrate the awesome southern-slang of Texas.
Each year different fruits and vegetable bountifully grow according to the seasons. This piece below portrays the autumn crops.

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This picture was drawn by Jennifer Jung, a freshman at VPSA.



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