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By Erica Esterly
Healthy Living

Healthy Living: Brain Food

We all know that time of day when we feel like we could just go take a five-hour nap. Our brain power is at 0% and we can’t focus on a single thing.  But the algebra and Latin homework you didn’t get done prevents you from taking the break you feel is necessary. […]

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In the Now / Technology

Technology: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Review

With its recent release and new design, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are becoming more and more popular.  Interestingly enough, sales for the smaller–and slightly cheaper–iPhone 6 have toppled iPhone 6 Plus sales with a 4 to 1 ratio.  Though these iPhones are quite expensive investments, being an owner of […]

From Bible to Big Screen: Exodus: Gods and Kings Review
In the Now

From Bible to Big Screen: Exodus: Gods and Kings Review

From Bible to Big Screen: Exodus: Gods and Kings Review 4/10 stars From the epic trailer to the A-list actors, I don’t think it’s any doubt we were all excited about the “Exodus: Gods and Kings” movie. It was a movie we all wanted to like. Christians everywhere bought their […]

Supercharging Studying: Online Resources

By Natalie Tederoff Everyone, at one point or another, dreams up an invention that does their homework for them. Wouldn’t that be sweet? Due to the disappointing reality that no such invention exists (yet…), we are still doing our own school. And yet, there are ways to make that work […]

Three Cozy Winter Beverages

Three Cozy Winter Beverages

Three Cozy Winter Beverages Author: Natalie Tederoff It seems that between summer and winter there comes a lull, at least in the drinks department.  Those frozen lemonades you loved so much in the summer seem too “chill” for the frigid winter air.  And drinking iced tea in a sweater does not […]

Where Are They Now: Jonathan Williams
People / Student Spotlight

Where Are They Now: Jonathan Williams

I had the exciting opportunity to speak with a 2013 VPSA graduate and salutatorian, Jonathan Williams. Natalie Tederoff: What was your favorite subject in school? Jonathan Williams: I’d say one of my favorite subjects was biology. I thought it was very fascinating to understand how life works, particularly on the cellular level, […]

Photo Journal of Chicago
Creative Outlets / Media

Photo Journal of Chicago

Chicago is a beautiful place year-round no matter what the weather. Next to Lake Michigan, Chicago is the third largest city in the U.S. See how it lights up the night! Chicago Skyline

Movie Reviews / Reviews

Media Reviews: Favorite Moments from Mockingjay

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One was released in November. It is the third movie in the Hunger Games series. The movie features Katniss Everdeen, a former victor, as she deals with the loss of her co-victor Peeta and the rebellion facing Panem. Rising to the role of Mockingjay, Katniss […]

Advent Week 4: Never-Ending Love
Reflections on Scripture

Advent Week 4: Never-Ending Love

By Erica Esterly Now we are on the fourth week, the last, of Advent. This week focuses in on the topic of love, and how God shows his love to us. Here are a few verses to read before I start talking about the incredible ways God loves us. John […]

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Creative Outlets / Poetry

Here He Lies

                here he lies just born but older than the hills around nine months young, eternally old below the jewel-encrusted, starlit skies he opens his gentle baby godly eyes born to die his mother kisses the face of her child, the face of […]