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DIY: Hair Tutorial and Spring Decor

Spring Hair Tutorial  by Natalie Tederoff Do you love wearing your hair down yet want it out of your face? Then this style’s for you! In six easy steps you can transform your hair into a delightful flower. Without further ado, allow me to introduce a fresh new way to […]

DIY: Omnibus Halloween Costumes

DIY: Omnibus Halloween Costumes

It’s Halloween! If you’ve been too busy studying and don’t have a costume yet, why not dress up like a character from many of the literature books in Omnibus? Here we’ve rounded up a couple of the easiest and most fun Omnibus costumes for all ages, boy or girl. Omnibus […]


DIY: 5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Around this time of year, the stores are probably sold out of all their Valentine’s Day cards, chocolates and doilies. So instead of standing in line to buy the last box of chocolates, try these five easy Valentine’s Day activities. 1. Dress up in pink and red. – Valentine’s Day […]

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Technology: What’s All the Fuss about Raspberry Pi?

Let’s take a look at what’s going on in Do-It-Yourself electronics: “Raspberry Pi Reshapes the Electronics World,” “Check Out the New Hackable Computer: Raspberry Pi.” But what is Raspberry Pi, and why would you need it for your electronic projects? What about the Raspberry Pi Organization, and its massive charitable […]

DIY: The Thankful Leaves

DIY: The Thankful Leaves

Every year, a few weeks before Thanksgiving, my family empties our Ball jar of fake fruit and plops it in the middle of the kitchen counter as a seasonal centerpiece. We begin stenciling and cutting out leaves from orange, red, and brown sheets of paper. Eventually, a small pile of […]

Pumpkin carved by Olivia Pederson.

How to: Carve a Pumpkin Like a Pro

Supplies: Pumpkin (The larger the better) Printed image Pen or Sharpie Tacks, pins, or kabob skewers Carving knife or sharp kitchen knife Metal spoon 1. Print the image and cut it out. 2. Get that pumpkin ready by carving around the stem to create a lid. 3. GUT that pumpkin! […]

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DIY: 5 Simple Halloween Decorations

Halloween–a time of candy, costumes, and decorations! Here are some simple, DIY crafts and décor ideas that you can easily do at home! 1. Halloween Paper Flowers Recommended for ages 8-12, 12+ (Younger children could help with stringing the paper quarters onto the wire, while older children can help with […]