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In the Now: 9 Excuses to Celebrate Really Random Things
In the Now

In the Now: 9 Excuses to Celebrate Really Random Things

We all look forward to holidays like Christmas and Easter, or even holidays like Valentine’s Day and Halloween, but most of us miss out on some of the most humorous, unique holidays throughout the year. The United States Government has officially approved hundreds of obscure holidays that might just be […]

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Healthy Living: Spring Break Bucket List

This year, VPSA’s spring break spans from March 30 to April 4. Enjoy your vacation to the fullest with ideas from our Spring Break bucket list! 1. Follow a Bible reading plan. During the school year, it’s easy to be “too busy” for a daily Bible study. Spring break is […]

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Uncategorized: Top 10 Christmas Movies for the Whole Family

The twelve days of Christmas have officially begun, and what’s better at ensuring you’re in the Christmas spirit than Christmas movies for the whole family? This top 10 list will fill your home with holiday cheer, laughter, and joy as you cuddle around a fire, wrapped in countless fluffy blankets, […]

Clockwise from left: Little Pumpkins, Candy Crunch, Boonanas, Vampire Teeth.

Healthy Halloween Treats

Halloween is a great holiday to let your imagination run wild and create fun memories. It is fun to see everyone in their costumes, which can range from cute fairies to swashbuckling pirates, and even some costumes that may raise eyebrows. Your Halloween creativity doesn’t have to stop there. Halloween treats can […]

DIY: Omnibus Halloween Costumes

DIY: Omnibus Halloween Costumes

It’s Halloween! If you’ve been too busy studying and don’t have a costume yet, why not dress up like a character from many of the literature books in Omnibus? Here we’ve rounded up a couple of the easiest and most fun Omnibus costumes for all ages, boy or girl. Omnibus […]


VP’s Best & Worst Halloween Costumes!

Think your costume is clever, ironic or awesomely bad? We want to see it! Send a photo of yourself dressed up in costume, including your name, grade and city to by Monday, November 3 at midnight. We’ll take a gander and choose our favorites to post on the blog. […]

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April Fools’ Jokes for the Online Classroom

You’re a homeschooler. When April Fools’ rolls around, you set up pranks around the house for your family. You’ve tried all the classics, racking your brain every year for new tricks, but falling short. Your family can already predict your every move and every plan. And spending most of your […]


DIY: 5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Around this time of year, the stores are probably sold out of all their Valentine’s Day cards, chocolates and doilies. So instead of standing in line to buy the last box of chocolates, try these five easy Valentine’s Day activities. 1. Dress up in pink and red. – Valentine’s Day […]

Top 10 Christmas Albums
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Top 10 Christmas Albums

Ah, Christmas. It’s the best time of year in my opinion. It has the best decorations, food and—of course—music. “But, how do I know which Christmas albums to get?” you may be asking yourself. Well, I’ll get you started with this Top 10 Christmas Albums list. 1. “White Christmas” by […]

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How to: Be Productive Over Christmas Break

During Christmas break it’ s easy to do one of two things: either forget all about studying completely or study way too much and stay locked away with your study guide for the whole of break. Neither one of these options is a good idea. The best thing to do […]