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Advice: Homeschoolers Can Get into College Too!

Advice: Homeschoolers Can Get into College Too!

Last night, I did the impossible…or at least, what I thought was impossible. I pressed ‘submit’ on my Common Application to my choice school. After weeks of stressful essay writing and near breakdowns, I managed to apply to college. And guess what, I’m homeschooled! No counselor, no advisor – just […]

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VPTAD Returns!

Veritas Press Teacher Appreciation Day (VPTAD) is back for its fourth year with new ideas and a new team member. For the first time, the VPTAD team will be holding a teacher awards contest. This year’s VPTAD staff includes: Alice Hui, Joshua Avalos, Rahel Keller, and their newest member (or […]

Supercharging Studying: Online Resources

By Natalie Tederoff Everyone, at one point or another, dreams up an invention that does their homework for them. Wouldn’t that be sweet? Due to the disappointing reality that no such invention exists (yet…), we are still doing our own school. And yet, there are ways to make that work […]

New Teacher Profile

New Teacher Profile

New Teacher Interview: Madame Sheryl Powell By Natalie Tederoff I had the privilege of interviewing Madame Sheryl Powell, a novice teacher here at VPSA. Madame Powell teaches French to students in grades 10-12. Graduating magna cum laude from Houghton College, she is a veteran teacher of over 30 years. Natalie […]


Video: VPSA Graduating Class of 2013

It’s finally here! As we prepare to wish our 2014 graduate farewell, let’s not forget our graduating class of 2013. Hopefully we’ll see some of these friendly faces at the EOYG this year! Thanks to Maddie MacMath, Sr. Pliego, Myles Lum and all the graduates.

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VP-TAD Entering Third Year

Three years ago, two students joined Veritas Press (VP). No one really noticed if they were any different from any other new student, but in reality they were and are a special part of VP. It all started in 2011; their first year with Veritas Press, when Joshua Avalos wanted […]

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April Fools’ Jokes for the Online Classroom

You’re a homeschooler. When April Fools’ rolls around, you set up pranks around the house for your family. You’ve tried all the classics, racking your brain every year for new tricks, but falling short. Your family can already predict your every move and every plan. And spending most of your […]

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How to: Be Productive Over Christmas Break

During Christmas break it’ s easy to do one of two things: either forget all about studying completely or study way too much and stay locked away with your study guide for the whole of break. Neither one of these options is a good idea. The best thing to do […]

Ediffect vs. Woodle
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Ediffect vs. Woodle

This school year, VPSA students tackle a big change: technology. The Java is now getting cold, and of course, it brings pain for me to say that Frances, everyone’s favorite archive lady, is now homeless, looking through the depths of the inner city for a new job. The battle with […]

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Opinion: Why Home-schoolers Should be Worried About Common Core

Common Core, a subject not widely known, even in the educational world. It’s a set of standards that has some parents outraged, and many teachers shaking in their boots. Why all the concern over something very few are aware of? What are the Common Core Standards? The Common Core Standards […]