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Advice: Homeschoolers Can Get into College Too!

Advice: Homeschoolers Can Get into College Too!

Last night, I did the impossible…or at least, what I thought was impossible. I pressed ‘submit’ on my Common Application to my choice school. After weeks of stressful essay writing and near breakdowns, I managed to apply to college. And guess what, I’m homeschooled! No counselor, no advisor – just […]

Supercharging Studying: Online Resources

By Natalie Tederoff Everyone, at one point or another, dreams up an invention that does their homework for them. Wouldn’t that be sweet? Due to the disappointing reality that no such invention exists (yet…), we are still doing our own school. And yet, there are ways to make that work […]

Healthy Living

Healthy Living: Heat Up Your Exercise Routine This Fall

Sometimes our lives are just too busy to even think about exercise, especially this time of year,  with fall festivities, Thanksgiving and such.  Even though this is an important part of our lives, exercise tends to be overlooked.  Here is a simple workout routine that will help you get your […]

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How To: Avoid Ebola

The first laboratory-confirmed case of Ebola in America occurred in Dallas, Texas. Thomas Eric Duncan, the infected patient, was diagnosed on Sept. 30, 2014. He died eight days later. When Duncan first had several symptoms of Ebola on Sept. 24, he went to the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. None of […]

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Finding a Formal Gown

Elegant occasions call for formal gowns, and who doesn’t love to dress up a bit? With so many styles, colors, and flourishes available, choosing just one may seem like a needle-in-a-haystack accomplishment. However, with the options below, the choice may seem a bit clearer. Choosing a Color- Choosing the color […]


Audition Do’s and Don’ts

So, you want to audition but are not sure what to expect or how to prepare? Don’t worry, here are a few Dos and Don’ts to theater auditions! General Audition Tips DON’T consume dairy 24 hours prior to the audition: Trust me, you can sacrifice pizza and ice cream for […]