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This is the elegant Alberta Legislature building.  There’s often something exciting going on here, for you can skate in the winter and swim in the summer.

Photo Journal: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Greetings from Alberta, Canada! I am excited you can join me on a scenic tour through my city, Edmonton.   I hope you enjoyed this tour of my beautiful city!

Three Cozy Winter Beverages

Three Cozy Winter Beverages

Three Cozy Winter Beverages Author: Natalie Tederoff It seems that between summer and winter there comes a lull, at least in the drinks department.  Those frozen lemonades you loved so much in the summer seem too “chill” for the frigid winter air.  And drinking iced tea in a sweater does not […]
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Reading during Winter Break

By  Natalie Tederoff Maybe you desperately want to shout “Winter break is coming!” from the mountaintops. Maybe this winter you will be trading Schoology for skiing, calculus for cookie baking, studying for sledding, and Omnibus for ornament hanging. Winter break is a welcome haven from the schoolwork, but too much […]

Healthy Living: Winter’s Last Hurrah
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Healthy Living: Winter’s Last Hurrah

Editor’s Note:  Whitney Schork took an early Spring vacation with her family to Brian’s Head, Ut. Here she shares the tips and techniques she learned on the slopes.   Old Man Winter has abandoned most of the country in the southern hemisphere, leaving a dead, colorless landscape for Spring’s bright […]