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Opinion: Why Home-schoolers Should be Worried About Common Core

Common Core, a subject not widely known, even in the educational world. It’s a set of standards that has some parents outraged, and many teachers shaking in their boots. Why all the concern over something very few are aware of?

What are the Common Core Standards?

The Common Core Standards are a set of English Language Arts and Mathematics Arts standards for U.S. public schools. They were passed by 45 states, the Department of Defense Education Activity, the District of Columbia, and four territories. According to the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI) website, tests will be created.

According to the CCSSI website, “States that adopted the Common Core State Standards are currently collaborating to develop common assessments that will be aligned to the standards and replace existing end of year state assessments. These assessments will be available in the 2014-2015 school year.”

Why should home-schoolers be concerned about this?
There are many reasons why home-schoolers should not only be aware of this, but concerned. Firstly, it will affect home-schoolers. Many home school curricula are already planning to align with Common Core, so those using the curricula will end up with the standards in their education anyway

Secondly, the SATs and state tests will be changed to align with Common Core. As Glenn Beck said on an episode of his radio program, The Glenn Beck Show, that aired March 14, 2013, “You have very little time to stop it in your state (…) They’re gonna change the SATs, and all of it. If you are not instructed on Common Core—wait until I show you the math—you won’t be able to go to college. Good. Local control is out the window with Common Core. And I have news for ya, if you’re a home-schooler, you’re going to be required to use Common Core, soon. There is much, much, more…

David Coleman, an Architect Of Common Core State Standards, is the new president of College Board (as of May 6, 2012), which is the non-profit organization behind the SATs, PSATs, NMSQTs, and CLEP tests. The SATs, and most likely the other tests, will be re-written to reflect the standards of the CCSSI. Therefore, if you are a home-schooler, and do not follow the Standards, you will have a disadvantage for two reasons: first, because the test will be aligned according to the Standards, which you are not being taught, and second, because the other children (public-schooled) taking the test will have been taught using the Standards. So, you could potentially start getting lower scores.

A third major concern for home-schoolers is that the Common Core is just another step forward in indoctrinating the children in America. More and more people are sneaking in the belief that “kids belong to the community” or “you don’t have the right to teach your child or have a say in what they’re being taught.” More and more they’re voicing the view that children aren’t really a parent’s responsibility, that they don’t really belong to their parents.

“This is probably the biggest issue that we have addressed. This is bigger than the collapse of the dollar, or anything else, and you can’t afford to sit around and wait (…) besides being dumber, our kids are going to be indoctrinated with extreme leftist ideology,” says Glenn Beck during his radio program. Why is this a concern for home-schoolers? This is the future United States. These children in school are the next generation.

Mrs. Anna Horst is a home-schooling mother of four. She says, “Kids will not know how to think, but they will be told what to think… It’s going to create a lot of ‘robots.’ ”

I know about Common Core, and with it I’ve heard about Data Mining. How are these two related?

From research and interviews, the evidence is inconclusive, but Mrs. Horst believes that it is a package deal.
[Note: this is NOT fact, merely what SEEMS to be the case.]

According to Mrs. Horst, when the Common Core tests are being administered, they will use technology to pinpoint in the child’s brain what reacts when they answer a question. Then, say if they see the child is good at math, they set the child on a math/technology career path.

“Like in China, where they pull little children out of their homes to be athletes. This is what could start to happen in America,” says Mrs. Horst.

Common Core is a growing threat to the future of education in America, and home-schoolers need to be aware of it.

Educate yourself about the future of your education:

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This website is an amazing news website, and its video news, The Blaze TV (motto: Truth Lives Here), is also great. Check it out, and if you subscribe, be sure to check out the archives of the Glenn Beck show: he’s done a lot on Common Core.

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